South American Genealogy Database   


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Welcome to my website.


If you are a genealogist interested in British people who have lived South America, you have come to the right place.


I started to record data from the Roots South America Emigration mailing list in November 1998




Initially, I only had 500 names.


Now, I have a database of almost 30,000 people all of whom have spent part of their lives in South America.




Think of this site as your own. It can only exist with your help.


This South American Brits Database enables you to share your data with others.


I have tried to make the site as simple as possible.


Names and data are more important than fancy graphics. 


The Names in my database are listed Alphabetically on the pages shown in the left hand margin 


If you would like to contribute data then I am more than happy to include your information.




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