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I have found the following sites specifically devoted to South American genealogy. Please let me know of any others which should be included as links.

I have check most of these Links. If any are not fully operational please let me know. 

South American Genealogy Sites of General interest

The South American Roots mailing list is the main source of information in my database.  

Free Databases for Genealogical Searching This site lists free databases available for genealogical research. It has been created by Steve van Dulken who is a major contributor to my database. Steve's web site emerged from his frustration with websites which list so many minor databases that the "gold" is lost.
It is as simple as possible to use, but some basic knowledge of genealogy is expected.

Sites containing South American Genealogical Data - (They are listed in alphabetical order) 

Argentina Census 1895 At the new Record Search Pilot on Family Search they have made the 1895 Argentina census available on the internet;p=2;t=searchable

You can search the census by name or country.

Arnold Morrison operates a web-site for Scottish family historians. During the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries several thousand Scots emigrated to Argentina and Patagonia. They came from all parts of Scotland and from many social and economic backgrounds to work in the cities, especially Buenos Aires, and on the land. This web site has two main purposes. Firstly, to provide an introduction to the story of the emigrants and to suggest ways in which to research their lives in the new country; and secondly, to give lists of Scots, drawn from various publications and from records held in Argentina and elsewhere

Bob Henley's home page has a genealogy section devoted to his consuming research interest in emigration from Wiltshire to central and South America during the 19th century. Bob has provided almost 700 entries to the BiSA database. He unfortunately died in 2005, but his son continues to keep his site up to date.

Bristol Research Database   "Foreign Adventurers in the Wars of Independence in Gran Colombia"

This electronic database features the names of over three thousand British, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other European Adventurers who lived in or travelled to Gran Colombia (modern day Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela) during and after the Wars of Independence. The first arrived in Venezuela in 1811; the last died in Ecuador in 1890. Over half were Irish. Several thousand died quickly upon arrival, or returned home just as soon; several hundred stayed and settled in Gran Colombia.

The database was constructed by Dr. Matthew Brown as part of the research for his recently published book _Adventuring through Spanish
colonies:Simón Bolívar, Foreign Mercenaries and the Birth of New Nations_ (Liverpool University Press, 2006). It contains information relating to the adventurers' dates of birth and death, nationality, occupation  and military service, amongst other information. It may be of use or of interest to social, cultural or military historians of Latin America and Europe, and to family historians more generally.

British Guiana Colonists Index. The 'British Guiana Colonists' site is run by Tikwis Begbie from Australia.
The site, like mine, depends on exchange of information and contains an extensive on-going database of births, deaths and marrige dates of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo.  Currently details of approximately 8307 individuals are available, with periodic uploads of additional data

Andes Celtig Travel Specialists are located in Trevelin, in the Welsh settlement of Chubut, Patagonia. They specialise in coordinating journeys to the "Wladfa", the Welsh settlement in Patagonia and also organize itineraries to the rest of Patagonia. It is the dream of many travellers to visit the Welsh colony in Chubut, Patagonia. Andes Celtig aim to impart their extensive knowledge of the history and culture of the area in a thorough and responsible manner. For Welsh speaking  genealogists the Andes Celtig site not only has travel information but also many useful links to other sites

Duncan Campbell's home page on Patagonia contains more than 8000 names of British people (adults and children) living in Southern Patagonia during the second decade of the last century. Duncan says his goal is to assemble and share information on the British presence in Southern Patagonia. Like the land it describes, the task is dwarfed by the immensity of its scope, and constrained by the shortage of materials. He hopes that armchair genealogists and historians alike will find something here of interest.  

Edmundo Murray Edmundo operates the website of the Irish Argentine Historical Society  This website offers articles, information and lists of Irish and other English-speaking emigrants to Argentina and other South American countries. Databases are available to IAHS members but some of them are published in html format. There is also an extensive bibliography for those interested in Irish immigration to South America.

Graeme Wall has a set of web-pages for Argentine-related genealogy. His site includes the Symmetry passenger list and he gives an excellent record of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of Buenos Aires in1871 , telling the story of the outbreak from contempory documents. The site includes information from the burial registers of the English and Scotch churches, listing the British victims of the epidemic. Graeme has provided more than 400 entries to the BiSA database.

Jeremy Howat's home page on The British Settlers in Argentina is well worth a visit. He has provided more than 4200 entries to the BiSA database. Jeremy has an extensive database of names associated with Argentina and provides several lists on his excellent web site.  Jeremy provides an indexed collection of records from Argentina documenting the presence of thousands of British and other English-speaking residents. Records include baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials from the Anglican and Scots Presbyterian churches, transcripts from the National Archives in Buenos Aires and London, Argentine census returns and contemporary publications. He has various sections devoted to:-

  • The emigration of  Welsh speaking people to Patagonia in the 19th. century and the founding of the Patagonian Welsh Colony in 1865
  • The River Plate Handbooks written by the brothers Michael G. and Edward T. Mulhall in 1863
  • Burials and Monumental Inscriptions in the Protestant Cemeteries in Buenos Aires 1821 - 1900
  • Protestant Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Chubut, Entre Rios and Cordoba 1824-75

Powditch Family - John Alger has researched the History of the Powditch Family in Chile c1820 to the present day. The site includes lots of names, dates and places.

Ricardo Drault has a web-site specifically devoted to Patagonia. He has collated more than 5000 names. Many of them are British. Ricardo writes in Spanish but he has a search engine to help you !

Sharron Schwartz - has amassed a great deal of information on The Cornish in Latin America. A database of almost 2500 names is available to search. The website cotains an historical overview that seeks to answer several fundamental questions. Who were the migrants and why and when did they leave Cornwall ? Where did they migrate from and where did they settle ? A balanced evaluation of the Cornish presence in Latin America is presented and the transnational aspect of life arising from migration which shaped the way people lived on both sides of the Atlantic.  

Sites offering genealogical research help in South America

Maria Cruset can offer a research service for genealogists interested in Argentina

Marie R. Rodrigue is an independent researcher.
Marie lives in Argentina and is happy to help Europeans researching their families in Argentina.
She traces the necessary certificates, (birth, marriage and death) and any other information they require.
CLICK HERE to make contact with Marie

Martin Romano Garcia offers an extensive website which includes a detailed list of 6000 names associated with South America.
He is also prepared to offer help for genealogists interested in Paraguay

Pete Dady has the complete records from The British Church in Bahia
The church was St.George's non-denominational church in Salvador
Pete is willing to do look-ups for anyone who requests them.
Baptisms 1858-1962
Marriages 1858-1930
Deaths/Burials 1813-1989
CLICK HERE to make contact with Pete

Estudio Batres Franzese Jose Luis Batres and his daughter Maria Gabriela  live in Buenos Aires. They have worked as genealogists since 1995. The site is in Spanish or English. A genealogy research service for those specifically interested in Argentina

Sites offering general genealogical research help in the UK

This site,  has been sent to me by a small group of enthusiasts.
They figured it'd be a great resource to add with your other resources on your page.
 It is a good general introduction to genealogy and the search links available on line. – A site to view original records from UK Births, Marriages and Deaths
Formal records of births, marriages and deaths have been kept for England and Wales from 1837 onwards. is based in London and is part of an independently-owned business providing genealogical services to professional and non-professional researchers. As part of their day-to-day work they consult the microfiche version of the UK birth, marriage and death indexes.  The business took the decision to computerise these records for internal use. They soon realised that it would be possible to make the computerised records available to other interested parties.
You can view faithfully scanned images of the originals. You will need to register if you wish to view any records. The cost of viewing any one page is 10p. This will only show a page of the index. To obtain the full certificate it will be necessary to apply to the General Register Office.   If you want help to obtain birth, marriage or death certificates in the UK. This site offers researchers specialising in acquiring replacement birth, marriage and death certificates obtained from Government sources for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. All certificates are full/long form, certified and official. They despatch all certificates within a strict stated timeframe, and for certificates required urgently, they offer an express service. In addition to serving the UK and Europe, they welcome International customers, offering payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, UK Cheque, Postal Order and Money Order,despatching all certificates by Air Mail   Price & Associates has been helping people discover their heritage for more than thirty years. They are one of the United States' largest genealogical firms. Located one block from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Price & Associates is able to trace most family histories back four or five generations without difficulty. I have included this page because it gives an extensive list of web sites useful to any genealogist

 Certificate ordering service

Certificates can be ordered directly from the General Register Office for England and Wales online ordering service

If you are using the site for the first time you will need to complete the registration process. You will only need to go through this process the first time you use the system. Alternatively you can register as a guest user. If this option is selected, your details will not be stored for future visits to the site.

Scotlands People is the official government source for genealogical data in Scotland.
It is one of the largest online sources of original genealogical information, with almost 50 million records to access.
You can carry out a free search on the site but more detailed information is available for a fee of £6. This enables you to search for 7 days.

David Webster is an internationally recognised Scottish genealogical researcher, author and speaker. He has approaching 20 years of research in a wide range of Scottish records, and has many very satisfied clients around the world. Through this research experience he has an extensive knowledge of sources in Scotland and elsewhere Ross Genealogy is managed by David and consists of a small group of Scottish professional researchers who have been providing an expert and customer friendly research service to clients for several years covering all aspects of genealogical research for clients with Scottish roots, often starting from abroad. Accuracy and attention to detail are part of our comprehensive service. No matter how simple or complex your Scottish research requirements Ross Genealogy will be happy to look at the situation for you.