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My name is Neil Hampshire.
My Great Grandfather, Henry Joseph Hampshire, built up a brokerage business in Liverpool in the latter part of  the 19th century.
Henry's two sons Francis and Harold left Liverpool for Brazil in c1870. The two Hampshire brothers made new lives for themselves in South America.
By the turn of the century, two thriving businesses had been established one in Rio and another in Santos. My Grandfather, Harold, had to return to England in 1911 due to ill health. He died in 1912. With the aid of the Internet I am slowly piecing together more and more information about the Hampshire family in Brazil. I am particularly interested in making contact with Henry Joseph's descendants. His family comprised the following brothers and sisters
  • Francis Spencer married Annie Pollitt - grandchildren now resident in UK
  • Harold Joseph married Wilhelmine Spangenberg - grandchildren resident in Germany
  • Harold Joseph's second marriage was to Margaret Wheatcroft - I am their grandson
  • Astley Valentine married Annie and had one daughter Helen - No contact made to date
  • Gertrude Annie married Edward Bangor Moysey - grandchildren now resident in Canada
  • Bertha married Paul Edward Hemelryk from Holland - Paul was resident in Japan, where he was appointed Consul.
  • Alice Jane - no children
  • Ada Sophie (Aunt Sugar) - no children